Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sometimes the world can feel like a terrible place. It can feel lonely. It can feel like all of your love is being rejected. I've been feeling like this. I graduated from a college that I loved with a degree in a subject that I love, and ya know what? I can't find a job that I love. The world does not seem to value the things I value. I've been visiting the doctor for a year trying to figure out why I have so many headaches. The best we have come up with is taking medicine that makes it nearly unbearable to be in the heat, and I'm still getting headaches once or twice a week. AND THIS IS AN IMPROVEMENT! Every time I read the news I feel like injustices and tragedies are accosting me. I vote; I write angry letters; I volunteer. Why doesn't the world (and my body) love me as much as I love it? Why isn't it improving?

I don't have answers to any of these questions, but I have realized a thing or two. The world doesn't owe me anything. It's this beautiful and big place of which I get to be a part. So this blog is going to be my place to write about the things which make my world lovely. The things that make my life worthwhile. The things I want to improve. In short, I want this blog to be my unrequited love letter to the world at large. A place to remind me of all of the things I love and have going on. So come along if you would like. It's going to be a wild ride...or what's more likely: a peaceful stroll.

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