Thursday, August 22, 2013

Misty Forest

I am working currently at Misty Forest--a local art and after school program. It is a loving environment with a great group of kids. While playing football today, one of the students lost his ball in the tree. After getting two other toys stuck in the tree, one of the teachers told them to stop. When we went in, the little guy was very upset. So I grabbed a step-ladder and a broom and tried to knock his ball down. It was too short by about two feet. So I taped two brooms together and the ball came down.

The kid greeted me like a returning hero. He sat next to me the rest of the day. During quiet art time, he asked me if I would help him pick colors for his picture. My answer, of course, was yes. He told me he was making the piece for "someone special." At the end of the day, he gave it to me along with a big hug. It was such a great reminder of how the little things add up: It didn't take very much effort for me to retrieve his ball, but for him it was a big deal. And his art warmed my heart. I needed this reminder today.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I had an interview today. It was only a phone interview, but in two years looking for a job, this is only the third interview I've had. Being interviewed on the phone is awkward. Being interviewed is awkward period. When you add in the phone, it just takes it to a whole new level.

The following scenario is one that happens to me often: The interviewer says something, and I nod my head. Awkward silence. Shit, they can't see me nodding my head; now I have to think of something to say that would necessitate or at least excuse such a pause. I've got nothing.

I think this interview went okay. At the very least after talking about it with Ry, I feel better about some of my answers. I hung up and felt terrible, but I think that's might be in my's hoping. Unfortunately, I probably won't hear anything until late August or early September.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Friendship: It Really Is Magic

The weekend before last was the man friend's birthday. Every year we head to the Keys with our friends and family to celebrate. It's one of my favorite traditions. This last trip was particularly special. We had a great group; everyone was laid back yet ready for an adventure. It's a hard balance to strike, but we managed it well.

Also, this trip left me with one of my favorite images of one of my best friends. When I met Stephanie, I wasn't sure we were going to be friends. Four and a half years later, it's fair and easy to say she's my best friend. She's pretty much everything you could want in a friend or a human: funny, intelligent, insightful, kind, and pretty. We were on the boat, going as fast as the boat goes, I'm not great with stuff like this, but pretty fast. She sat on the back of the boat--her hair blowing, sunglasses on, shoulders lightly sunburnt--looking as chill and relaxed as you could hope to look on a vacation in the Keys. But here's the thing, she was reading a book. The wind is whipping. And the girl won't put down her book! This is a woman after my own heart. This, this right here, is the reason we are friends. Or at least one of the reasons.

I like collecting mental images like these of my friends. I like having photos, but these images mean more somehow. Maybe because they are harder to share but easier to care all of them with me.